Friday, 4 November 2016

8 simple Life Hacks to Boost Energy and Beat Fatigue


It's not an easy life, while we all are busy running after the hectic schedule of daily life, its not uncommon to feel Tired and Fatigued at some part of life.

Dozing off 😪too much at work and feel less energetic all day long ..? Normally first things you look for is a comfortable bed or a couch, but guess what ..?  A walk is better than a nap for boosting energy and beating fatigue.

We live in a society where people are always looking for next sports drink, energy bars or a cup of coffee that will give that extra edge to get through the day, but lacing up your tennis shoes and getting out and doing some physical activity every morning can provide that spark of energy you are looking for.

Here are some easy tips to boost Energy level and stop Fatigue.

1) Sleep early Wake early

Let's start with the famous nursery rhyme "EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE MAKES A MAN HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE". Everyone loves their sweet morning sleep but too much sleep makes body lethargic and whole day we feel lazy and lack energy. If you can make yourself to wake up early it will refresh your body and fill with positive energy. The period between 4 to 6 in the morning is very productive, you should utilize it to get the best benefits, especially if want to learn something new its the best time to study, brain will grasp things very easily. So start the habit of sleep early wake early. Watch the Sun, have an excellent day ahead.

2) Do workouts

Doing small workouts and exercises is all we need to stay healthy, fit and increase the efficiency of Brain. According to latest studies body temperature lowers when we are sleeping, early morning exercise will give heat in body which will boost you up with tons of energy. Try to find time for workout in the morning, even if you don't feel doing everyday try alternate days. Exercise cleans the entire body and makes space for energy to come in. instead of gym or inside the house try the green lawn, plants makes us feel more lively, fresh and energetic. Even get involved in a game of tennis or soccer, even take a small jog in the park.

A lot of times when people are fatigued, the last thing they want to do is exercise, But if you're physically inactive and fatigue, being just bit more active will help.

3) Eat Healthy food

Everything is connected with our eating habits. The kind of food you eat has it's effect on your body and mind. Consuming right amount of food which are rich in minerals and vitamins are like burning oil that will keep us going all day long. Some of you maybe skipping breakfast which is the most important meal of the day.  Nutritionists says that skipping the first meal of day can damage the brain cells due to lack of energy which it is suppose to get after long night sleep. It causes low blood pressure. Refreshing healthy drinks are best way to remove the fatigue. Researchers believes that adding items such as Melon, Milk, Nuts, Eggs, Black and Green Tea to your daily intake are best in fighting fatigue.

4) When things get bad and tiring, Listen to your favorite Music 

The music we listen to defines your personality, likes and dislikes, in similar way music can bring change our mood shifts and tiredness. Wear and tear of body and mind can get soothing effects with the right kind of music. After busy day at office, coming home and tune in to your favorite music with warm shower automatically will bring energy to tired body and mind. So when you feel down listen to your top playlists and automatically you will feel refreshed. Remember, good Music touches soul.

5) Use good scent and perfumes

Scents are not just fragrance, but for many its a memory. When you get an aroma of that special soup, instantly you are send back to childhood memories when Mom used to make you those. Its not a coincidence but certain perfumes and scents have unique abilities. Lavender can improve your sleep. Citrus can make you more energized, Jasmine can ease depression, Vanilla can elevate your mood. So next time when you feel down, you know which scent to use.

6) Expose yourself to bright lights and Beautiful colors

Slanting morning rays of Sun which not too harsh are good source of vitamin D, it improves muscle function, boost energy level, balance mood and fatigue. While missing it can lead to obesity and poor bone development. So even if you can't make time for daily exercise try to expose yourself to Sunlight.

We react naturally when it comes to colors. A bunch of white and red roses can make us feel excited, a clear blue sky makes our day perfect or a bunch of daffodils makes us optimistic. Nature with it's varied colors inspire us in many ways, and impact our mood. Some colors like Red and Violet, reflects great amount of energy by causing your body to pump more adrenaline, while blue gives a calming effect. So next time choose your colors carefully.

7) Take a break

Relax and take a break from work. In race of competing work before deadline sometimes you forget the fact that human body is not robot. Decrease the pace of life, refill yourself with energy. Take a week off from work, go for a hike, or on a vacation you've been dreaming off. Stop being a robot your whole life, change your same old boring routine mix it up a little can result in huge inflow of energy.


8) Green Revolution

The whole world is going green, why are you left behind. There are plenty of miniature plants available in market, adopt them bring them home. People who kept green plants at their desk are found to generate more creative ideas than those in vegetation-free settings. Look out for plants which are easy to handle, keep them on your work desk or at your home. Bring in love for nature. 

Simply by making smarter and health supporting choices every day you can halt fatigue from life and live it the way you were born to with energy and positive vibration, but the only question is will you choose to do it ?😏

I write for TechyBlogger, I've previously written some articles on Blogging, Social skills, Self-improvement  in couple of blogs. I started this as a passion and Love for Blogging. 

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