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Simple Steps to Stop Overthinking and Enjoy Life to the Fullest


We live in an age where we have forgotten what life is all about, amidst all the busy and tiring daily life. We have lost the true essence of humanity, overthinking silly and simple things to unnecessary heights.


Spring has passed, Summer has Gone and Winter is here. And the Song that I meant to sing remains Unsung. I have spent my days stringing and Un-stringing my instrument - TAGORE 
These words are about a man whose heart was filled with regret over a life half lived. Do you feel the same ?. Do you feel you have spend half of your life thinking about things which doesn't even matter now. And moreover life has become more complex than ever imagined. Are you in the midst of all kind of problems....?

The life we cherish today is the result of someone's hard struggles, so that we may enjoy this beautiful world. Should we simply waste it ..? Follow these simple ways to untangle and live life in much fulfilling and happier way.

1. See things in Wider Perspective

Try and see things in wider perspective, maybe you had a bad day, but that does not mean everyday is going to be like that. You should never rush to frame a tiny negative event as a whole one. Doing so will throw you into denial. Feel through the feeling of hurt, anger or sadness that naturally surface. It’s actually healthy we get through all those feelings we come out of it as purified from negativity and grudges we were once pregnant with. Just don’t get stuck in them. Grieve when you need to. Then when it’s time to go, stand up and just move on.

2. Stop Whining and Start Acting

The bitter truth is that everyone have clear idea about how someone else should lead their lives but nobody about his own. I’m sure you have encounter such “ special breed of people” who are always eager to make us feel worthless , and eventually leading us to feel low in life. And we start complaining and uselessly worry over things for a long time, sometimes it get stuck so deep in our mind we find it pretty hard to overcome from this complex web of emotions. Life is not problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. If you don't act on life, life will act on you.The days will slip into weeks and then into months ...before you know it your whole life will be in the drain.

So the point is we should stop complaining about trivial things we come across our lives because it's way of life, what we can really do is start to act upon it. Struggle to get what we want, always remember only you can get yourself out from any kind of situation and motivate yourself to get ahead of life if you try. Do not let the brilliant and beautiful treasure of your life slip away by whining about it.

3. Understand, not Everything is Under your Control

PATIENCE,FAITH,WILL-POWER and most importantly HOPE are key ingredients to live a life. Sometimes ,we take life for granted. Find time to think, introspect yourself,the only way to improve tomorrow is to know what wrong we did today. Become the person of action and hunt down the other great things; if your favorable things are unavailable, let them go and accept whatever comes to you with happy heart accepting the fact that it is what nature has intended for you. Always remember not everything is under your control, accept it and move on.

4. When Emotions overtakes, Stop and take a break

I don't want to be at mercy of my emotions.I want to use them,to enjoy them,and to dominate them - OSCAR WILDE.
Feel like your mood change instantly according to the events happens in your day ? If ,YES   then you are slave of emotion. Don't feel bad because it happens to everyone; I myself is easily carried away by emotions. Leading life with our emotions helps us to connect us with others, but question is what if our emotion began to take control of our lives creating anxiety, depression and even have a negative impact in our lives.  

When we are emotionally charged, it is high likely that we are carried away by it and we lose the insight to decide something. we should take important decisions of life when mind is calm, not when we are either too happy or too sad. sometimes sea of emotions make us do reckless things and later end up in regret. Don't let emotions take a ride upon you, learn to control it to your own advantage. Because a well balanced life is necessary for the development of being. When there is heightened emotions of anger, take long breathes or go to your happy place, which is very useful in anger management. Always remember you are not what your emotions portray, you have the ability to decide whether they lead you or you lead them. TAKE CONTROL...!!

5. Stop worrying, Start Writing

Writing is a way to express what we feel inside,by means of words we can unburden our self. I love writing and most of time when I am unable to share anything with my husband,  words say it for me, And with progression I feel lighter. Have you tried it.....? NO, then you must do it once. To let go things which are cluster and clogged of which tends to generate problem in the life,list down all your worries in a piece of paper. If you do so these, trouble will no longer become worse or more intense and will not drain your valuable energy.

6. Don't Succumb to Fears and Nightmares

There is no one in this earth, who is not struggling from his/her fears and nightmare. Learn to win over those fears, stop hiding from them.They are going to find you anyways,maybe they will chase you hard making your nights sleepless and leaving you anxious; why not be brave enough to face them.
I know at the heat of moment these lines are quite motivating but when the real situation comes,we easily back off. I can say so because this happens with me quite often, being persistent even if we hold that fear inside us and going ahead is way to tackle the situation. The more we can put voice to our fear, the more the fear will move through us. The more we talk about this, the more the hidden shadows come out into light where they can be examined and released. Don't let the fear to take full control over you. We should not give up and allow fears to defeat us. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of. Be fearless in facing them resist yourself from hiding and running away.

7. Do Regular Physical Workouts

Healthy body speaks healthy mind. Physical workouts not only keeps our body fit but rejuvenates the mind, helps you to build up healthy and stress free life.Everyone's lifestyle is shrinking and to great extent limiting up,whole day we either spend sitting at office before computers or either in front of television at home.

The person who doesn't make time for exercise must eventually make time for illness.  Wake up early in the morning and if first hours of every morning is denoted to physical and mental exercises , it help us to maintain the low stress level throughout the day. Workouts helps us to to flux out physical as well as mental toxins. Tag line is don't skip to stay fit and stress free life.


8. Hangout with people who are positive and optimistic 

Have you been enslaved by the habit of overthinking. Are you always stuck inside your own head ???Yup..! you got it right YOU ARE OVERTHINKING.  You are definitely not alone, overthinking is a natural process, part of everyone's life, sometimes we are not even aware we are doing it. Researches show overthinking is mostly associated with negativity. Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.
We are Dying from Overthinking. We are slowly Killing ourselves by thinking about Everything. THINK. THINK. THINK. You can never Trust the Human Mind Anyway. It's a Death Trap - ANTHONY HOPKINS
To avoid negativity you need to change the environment we reside and get along with people who are  positive . Are these people difficult to find  ?  No, not at all. Carefully choose people around you with positive energies because they will create environment which will help you to stay happy .Avail yourself to all kinds of people and try to spread happiness and the huge amount of positive energy will get reflected in your life.

Keep yourself occupied, Keep your mind of things that don't help you. Stay Positive

9. Spend time with your Loved Ones

Our greatest moments of life are those we spend with  the person we love. When was the last time you had get together with your close friends and family ?  Spending time with them gives us simple joys and relives from all the worries. Share grey and light moments with family, their love and support are essential to grow in life as a person. Maybe go for short vacation with family or, plan a romantic long drive during weekends with your love will elevate your mood and improve your life.

10. Take small Naps, Refresh yourself

This activity of napping for short intervals is my favorite. Whenever I get time from my busy schedule I nap for 30 minutes and it heals mental and emotional  fatigue. Pamper yourself and treat yourself with this short naps and you will feels the difference. Listen to soft light music when you are getting ready to sleep this will relax your mind from day's stressful work. It is quality not quantity of sleep that is important. It is better to have six hour uninterrupted deep sleep  than  ten hours of disturbed sleep.The whole idea is to provide body with rest and restore physical natural state of health, a state which is diminishing through the stressed and struggles of daily life.

Develop a love for life, make a time to get excited about what it presents before you, unfold the mysteries of life be it a good or bad, cherish the good moments and dare to find out lesson behind every mishap. Understand that it is we who allows things affect us be it a good or bad; Learn to love life and  moreover learn to love yourself, be your favorite. We all are blessed with simple and good life,try to make it more beautiful and lively with little efforts at individual level, which will not only improve you at great level but prove boon to your close ones because once you were lost lost in stressful and self-designed complicated life. HURRY UP.... LIFE IS LIMITED.

Post your comments right below and let me know if I helped anyone out there.

I write for TechyBlogger, I've previously written some articles on Blogging, Social skills, Self-improvement  in couple of blogs. I started this as a passion and Love for Blogging. 

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