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7 Killer Changes that happen when you Exercise in the Morning


Well when do you get up? Wait, let me guess your so called morning routine. You wrap yourself in bed and press the snooze button of alarm again and again till the machine itself prays to god to cut off this miserable life. And when you finally decide to get up, there is your Smartphone waiting for your tender touch. Checkout how many messages you've got on WhatsApp and take a peek at your Facebook news-feed. Keep on going till its time to rush to the bathroom and get ready for work. Swallow that toast in your plate as a whole and sprint faster than flash so you can catch that bus to work. And at office its only half day and your battery is almost drained out. You would like to lay your heavy head on the table for a nap but the image of the firing face of your boss keeps you wide awake. You have guessed countless times why on earth am I so unmotivated and energy-less. You think of taking some medicated tablets so you could get a pump and feel more energetic.

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                                            Oh hello I've found the tablet you were looking for. Its called exercising daily in the morning. Heard this more times than you could remember right? Well ignore this bullshit post and go back to sleep and soak your alarm in water. Oh what? You are up for a change? Thats good, very good but not for me but for you. Daily exercising in the morning has a lot of scientific benefits bla bla bla which i don't like to dig deep into cause i don't care about the hormones released during exercising or how the nervous system is affected by it. Hell no. Here what I am talking about are the various positive changes that this healthy habit can bring in to your life and how it can make your day more productive. Guess why the most successful people in the world dedicate some time in their mornings for some kind of physical activity rather than sleeping their rears off. It brings positiveness to the day ahead.

So here are the 7 reasons why you should exercise in the morning and how you can be benefited from it:


Early morning is the time when you are fresh, the air surrounding you is fresh and your mind is at its clearest. You've just got up from your beauty sleep and is fully charged. Engaging some time in any physical activity whether it is running, weight training or even skipping ropes you can feel the energy in you rising. You feel pumped up and a sense of well being reaches you with which the whole day can be spend positively.


Your mood for the whole day depends upon how you start it. If your morning starts in a lazy manner then the whole day will be lagging and unenergetic. On the other hand if the day begins with any sort of exercise, your body is in an aroused state and it will be more focused and alert in the latter hours to come. Most peoples morning workout is followed by work or school. So a little more dose of alertness isn't bad at all, right?


Admit it , there is a feeling of accomplishment when you've finished a rigorous workout. Your morning exercise routine makes your body physically fit and thereby improves your confidence levels. You will feel confident when presenting yourself before others. One cannot be proud of anything better than his own fit and healthy body.


We all have alot of other priorities than just working out or going to school. We are social beings. Thus exercising early in the morning never disrupts our other engagements. When was the last time your friend held a party at 6.30 AM ?


We all love to get rid of that fat surrounding our waist area. Well happy news here as daily morning exercise burns more fat as it kick starts metabolism. Your morning exercise will aid in burning more calories throughout the day and thereby providing you that lean physique you've always dreamed of.


Its true that exercise brings a beautiful glow to the skin because you are supplying it with a good dose of oxygenated blood. It also flushes the toxins out of the pores thereby eliminating chance of acne. 


A healthy beginning should have a healthy ending. If you get up early to exercise you will go to bed early as a good cycle will be formed. You will go to sleep as soon as you touch the bed because of the healthy sense of tiredness your body is feeling.
                                        So what do you think? Are mornings meant only for sleeping till your mom throws chilled water on you? Or do you think its time to get into your workout clothes and sweat it out. I believe you stick with the latter option and get into action. Because spending a little time in the morning wisely can reap huge benefits. All you need to have is the mindset to get up early. So set up your alarm and keep it far away from your reach so that you wont turn it off in sleepy mood.

Good luck. Feel free to post your opinions. 

I write articles on latest Smartphones, Motivation and inspirational tips, health & wellness at Technospire. I have a passion for sports especially football and also in fitness. I believe that only a healthy body will possess a healthy mind. 

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