Tuesday, 20 September 2016

7 Hard Truths About Failure No One Is Telling You


Failure is something everyone has experienced in some part of their lives. It affects our mental well being to a larger extent and even if you are the toughest person around, a big failure can leave you devastated and question your self esteem. It can fool you to think that your goals are un-achievable  and moving forward is meaningless. Things get even worse when the people around starts to criticize and judge. The feeling of failure will abstain a person from achieving his true potential until he learns to adapt to the situation and learn from his failures. Here are some of the hard truths about failure that you need to keep in mind :-


1. EVERYONE FAILS AT SOME POINT - I fail, You fail, the ones judging you and laughing at you also fail. Its just an indispensable part of life. But what truly matters is not how many times you failed, its about how many times you picked yourself back up and kept going. Because giving up is easy, holding on is difficult.

2. FAILURE MEANS YOU ARE GOING FOR WHAT YOU WANT - Sitting idol doesn't cause you to win or fail, but taking action does. All of us has some dream which we wish to conquer in real life. But how many of us are really working to achieve it. If you fail at some point then it means you are at least trying to achieve what you want. Most people judging you are afraid of failure so that they had to give up on their dreams. Don't let these spoilt brats talk you out.

3. FAILURE IS THE NO:1 FRIEND FILTER - When you fail big, you get to know who your true friends are. Everyone wants to cheer up with you when you are happy but only real friends will stick with you when in a heartbroken state. All the fake ones will vanish to the background leaving you surprised and sad at the same time but later you realize that they've gone for good.

4. SOME FAILURES DOESN'T NEED A REASON TO OCCUR -  Now here is a tough part. Sometimes even if how hard we try or how much effort we put in we fail. This is a painful situation. And this is when most people give up. But the reality is that it ain't your fault, its just a random process of life. All you need to do is accept the situation and start all over again.

5. FAILURE IS ONLY TEMPORARY -  This is a fact we all know but when the situation comes we forget about it. When failure happens we feel like the road before us is narrowing down, darkness is surrounding us and finally comes to a conclusion that our life itself isn't good enough. The truth is that a single failure wont decide your future at all, but it will teach you a lesson which will definitely help you to stay strong in the time ahead. Understand that the stinging sensation of failure is only temporary just like a dark cloud shielding the sunlight. But eventually it will subside and you will see light again.

6. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM ALL BY YOURSELF -  Yeah I know it feels good when someone hugs me tight and says its gonna be okay. But the truth is that sometimes no one else can solve your problems better than yourself. People will not always have time to sit and make you feel better because everyone is busy with their own lives. So you have to stand up for yourself. Because every failure is an experience which makes you one step closer to success.

failure-hard truth-never give up

7. FAILURE MOLDS UP THE BETTER AND BRAVER YOU -  Every failure challenges you in a number of ways. Success doesn't always classify winners and losers but failure does. Its the ones with the never say quit attitude that hits the glory button. It takes some balls to accept the fact and to come back stronger. When you come out of the stinging emotions of failure you immediately experience a sense of liberation and you clearly visualize how strong you are. Thus each failure has the ability to make you stronger& all that matters is your attitude.

                         So guys believe in yourselves because it's okay to fail. Every failure is a lesson learnt in life that makes you stronger and one step closer to success. This is life, sometimes we win sometimes we fail. But you haven't really failed if you rise again from ashes of failure and keep thriving for what you want. Don't let the irrational thoughts of the situation fool you to believe that your life is miserable. Understand that the master has failed more times than the beginner has tried. Embrace failure, learn from it and never give up.   

I write articles on latest Smartphones, Motivation and inspirational tips, health & wellness at Technospire. I have a passion for sports especially football and also in fitness. I believe that only a healthy body will possess a healthy mind. 

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